Friday, 20 April 2007


prob not since they claim to live several hundred miles from each other but it does make you wonder why both resort to swearing at, name calling and do not like being asked questions but prefer to attack the questioner ......makes you wonder dont it !!!

perhaps shotguns brother is fish face terry kelly as shotgun states here "My brother is a Labour councillor and has been for nearly thirty years, and he is a partisan tosser only concerned with seeing Labour returned to power at any most if not nearly all councillors and MP and Labour supporting scum"

The good thing about this country is every one has the right of free speach , and long may it last however when some one has to resort to name calling , and swearing because they dont like being questioned about their point of view makes you wonder just what they have to hide. both shotgun and terry kelly resort to such an idiotic maner of debate both probably sit in the pub at the bar and are known as the local know it all that every one trys to avoid when the walk in the pub door.

i will state now i have no allegiance to any shity pollitical party / i have no intention of even going and voting on the third of may as i think its a load of shit , the peoples philosopher will all ways tell it the way he sees it and has no sides its not a school play ground we are in folks.

However what i cannot stand are inept councilors like Terry Kelly who made quite a good comment regarding the tragic events of this week in america , praise where praise is due and i did pay him a back handed compliment , which he decided to back chat in response to , so as far as im concenred the gloves are off as far as that fish faced fat clown is concerned .

moving to seedhill , other areas of paisley have traffic calming bumps , why cant there be such a thing arround this area to stop the idiots driving like formula one drivers? ... answer coz its too much bother for rayleen lard arse kelly to do some thing about it

some one is going to get killed arround that area one night and god forbid its a kid crossing the road.

come the 4th of may we will have a new council and whats the betting the first thing they do will be to give them selves a pat on the back for conning people into voting for them , ive got a good idea no one goes and votes and lets see what happens then.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Paisley sold for £18m

yeah yeah wishfull thinking i can hear you all scream in Tonights Evening times it tells us Tesco are in talks with st mirren football club to buy their stadium for this huge ammount of money, well lets hope that it brings the much needed jobs to the area , however it could also bring the death knell to the town centre, which is allready as far as im concerned shut and shit.

makes you wonder though just how far tesco will go to ensure that almost every thing people consume is bought from one of their stores, in the article it states that they all ready have plans to build a store in linwood which is only at most 3 miles from any where in paisley, this then raises the question about competition , in the good old days tesco would have been refered to monopolies and mergers , which has been rebranded as the "competition commision" this quago has been reviewing tesco et al for at least a year now and still have come up with nothing.

this then brings us to the question dosnt it of fish face him self the councilor for fergusile where st mirren would then move to , wonder what he thinks of the news , shall we ask him boys and girls or will we not bother since he will no doubt accuse us of being right wing liars or some crap like that

it really is quite frighting though to think that pretty soon we will all be eating , sleeping , wearing and even possibly living in tesco land if they get there way.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007


well im fucked if i know i aint seen any of the two of them in the seedhill area the one on the bottom looks like an extra from bad girls

answers on a post card if you know which one is the local councilor , first prize is a fornight in seedhill with the real one.

Why wont fat arse terry kelly answer my challenge??

ill tell you why coz hes on his way to the dole queue , this fish faced ugly fucker has not got the balls to take up my challange and has even not bothered to put my last post onto his blog , talk about censorship , no wonder right enough the fat ugly cunt cant have that many supporters especially when you read his daft fuckin ramblings.

look at the two pics above would you really belive this is daughter and father , what a pair of ugly mongtastic fucking peices of shit , and she is supposed to be 30 more like 56 she is going to be some fuckning ugly cunt when she reaches her fathers age

moving on to that mongtastic daughter of his this is what she had to say on her blog "The Labour promises will make a major difference to the people of Scotland and are fairer and retain the staility of local government finance throughout Scotland. This allows Local Government to provide the services the electorate need, the black hole in the plans of the oppositions plans will mean massive cuts in the services we provide" has the trotskie lefty wefty namby pamby fuckin labour lot not shut down ennough ??

the fat arse bitch daughter is in full consent of buliding private houses on seedhill playing fields what a fucking brilliant idea keep the council scum oot . As for lard arse terry's beloved feegie now that the rail-airport link is going ahead why not flatten the lot and make feegie and those unused football feilds that the council scum unwashed manky fucks are crying about into a major railway station like manchester picadilly or kings cross , some thing that scotland can be proud of .

i have to say that fat bitch rayleen really has worked hard for seedhill , no community centre, no fucking nothing well done ya daft fucking muppet , what are you all about ??? in fact i would love that fat bitch to tell us exactly what she has done for the past four years.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

single parent mothers what are they all about

ill tell you some thing i know what they are all about luxury council houses , benefits , holidays abroad to benidorm , where the tax payer has to pay it all for them , well im fucking sick of that , and who supports this , those fuckin trotskie labour shits like that fat cow Rayleen kelly and her foostie faced ugly fat fuck father

You know i saw a shit load of these single mother whores wandering about braehead pushing their prams about shoplifting from the shops that they have no right to be in , nor can they afford to be in , im sure i saw some fleas dripping from some of the whores , and their unwashed manky fuckin weans.

you know it makes me sick as a good christian to see all these wee slut bitch whores walking about with their kylie and jasons at their ankles if it was left to me they would be made to keep their legs shut and be chained to the kitchen sink where they belong , a womans place is in the kitchen where they should cook ,clean and tend to a mans needs , notice i said man there and none of that lesbian shit.

come to think of it Terry kelly looks a bit like a lesbian, perhaps he used to be a woman ?? nah you dont even get lesbians as ugly as that fucking monstrosity he has a picture of dogs on his blog but you know i have to wonder which fucker is the dog him or the ones with fur on

if all these single mothers dont stop breeding then there is only one thing we can do and that as good god fearing christians would be to open work houses and make the interbread little scum sucking whore sluts live it up there on bread and water see how the cows like that.

as a good christian that knows its the end times coz ill fucking tell you paisley is getting like sodom and gomorha with all the fornitcating , sleeping with each other , and well the poofy poofy kiss kiss that just makes you sick to the fucking stomach .

bring it on terry kelly

right fish face , how dare you call me right wing , and a coward , i have both a right and a left wing unlike that burd that you call a daughter , ill tell you one thing you can see the family resemblence.
ohh by the way im so right wing that i can almost touch hitlers bunker , when i see people like you it makes me feel sick , ive got a good idea lets bring back the trains, with one way tickets for you and the manky feegie shit that have the cheek to walk the streets of paisley , ive never seen such unwashed manky fuckin bastards in all my life, we could give them a shower....gas showers and put them all out their misery , fuckin dole scum , if u were to chap their doors and say here is a job they would faint , i dorve through there in my porche the other night and was quite happy i had bertie the baseball bat under the seat coz if any of those filthy fuckers had come near me i would have hit them over the head then reversed the car over them to make sure i had did the job correctly.
After all them in that shit hole you claim to represent feegie must be really retarded to vote for such an arse wipe hauf wit left wing trotskie fucker like you and as for the muppet daughter whit the fuck is she all about ?
i would love to see the smile come off ur face come election day then again you will fit in well with all the fuck wits in feegie claiming your giro every fortnight get used to ya ugly cunt its the job centre for you come the 4th of may .
face facts cunt fuck socialism is dead only good christian values work in this country and that means we have to get rid of fuckers like you , that fat bitch of a daughter who looks like she has escaped from dykebar once that nationalists take power folk like you and that fuckin ugly misfit daughter of yours are going on a one way trip
independence for scotland thats what we need , get rid of you fuckin whingers on about oh we need engerland for this and we need engerland for that well ill tell you fanny baws , as far as im concerned if u like england that much FUCK OFF DOWN THERE YA DAFT FANNY , you wouldnt be missed , infact i doubt any fucker would notice you and your wild child monkey faced fat boot of a daughter had left,, in fact im sure we could get a few million folk to donate 1p each for the bus fare. and if you tried to come back without a passport well its off to the camp for you .
The scotland we want and need dosnt have you in it , and will be a true right wing utopia with no room for you or your fucking monkey child or those pishy fucking liberal scum they also need put down.
I hear you are into the poofs , do you take it up the arse?
do you like a bit of poofy poofy kiss kiss?
gays in scotland will be going on the same train one way as you , perhaps even a wee trip to the showers in the camp , look forward to seeing you as a nice fashion accessory in the pound shop .
talking of pounds im sick of these unwashed dole scum ,junkie fucks, and single whore mothers getting all they want from my taxes , its time these fucks were dealt with correctly cut their benefits and see how they like it then , bet they will go and fuckin work in macdonalds then, ohh dont you bother applying your face would be ennough to put any one off having fries with that.

Monday, 16 April 2007

sick of junkies ??

sick of the unwashed ??

sick of the dole scum??

sick of single mother whores getting pregnant for luxury council houses??

sick of gays getting poof allowance from the government??

then labour party is your enemy!!

as a devout christian these factors point to the end days unless you live a good clean christian conservative life then we are heading for hell , i hope the socialist and liberals enjoy the burning fires of hell.

But we the right minded people will prevail and return this country to what it was once, its good to see our great military carving out the new British empire out in the middle east , Christians are ministering to the heathen masses the true word of the gospel , either by the bible or the bullet .

in scotland we are god blessed by so many nationalistic political parties standing for what is right giving the wishy washy namby pamby gay loving rice eaters a bloody nose.

abortion should be abolished except for the underclass , work shy class , scum where it should be compulsory for this lot of shit who grow up just to claim benefits and comit crime and vandalisim.

the nhs should immediatly be abolished if the underclass are ill or meet with an accident then they should be left in our streets to die , homeless people and the feckless should be forced into the new work house where they should be trained as servants for respectable christian people