Friday, 20 April 2007


prob not since they claim to live several hundred miles from each other but it does make you wonder why both resort to swearing at, name calling and do not like being asked questions but prefer to attack the questioner ......makes you wonder dont it !!!

perhaps shotguns brother is fish face terry kelly as shotgun states here "My brother is a Labour councillor and has been for nearly thirty years, and he is a partisan tosser only concerned with seeing Labour returned to power at any most if not nearly all councillors and MP and Labour supporting scum"

The good thing about this country is every one has the right of free speach , and long may it last however when some one has to resort to name calling , and swearing because they dont like being questioned about their point of view makes you wonder just what they have to hide. both shotgun and terry kelly resort to such an idiotic maner of debate both probably sit in the pub at the bar and are known as the local know it all that every one trys to avoid when the walk in the pub door.

i will state now i have no allegiance to any shity pollitical party / i have no intention of even going and voting on the third of may as i think its a load of shit , the peoples philosopher will all ways tell it the way he sees it and has no sides its not a school play ground we are in folks.

However what i cannot stand are inept councilors like Terry Kelly who made quite a good comment regarding the tragic events of this week in america , praise where praise is due and i did pay him a back handed compliment , which he decided to back chat in response to , so as far as im concenred the gloves are off as far as that fish faced fat clown is concerned .

moving to seedhill , other areas of paisley have traffic calming bumps , why cant there be such a thing arround this area to stop the idiots driving like formula one drivers? ... answer coz its too much bother for rayleen lard arse kelly to do some thing about it

some one is going to get killed arround that area one night and god forbid its a kid crossing the road.

come the 4th of may we will have a new council and whats the betting the first thing they do will be to give them selves a pat on the back for conning people into voting for them , ive got a good idea no one goes and votes and lets see what happens then.

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